Aaron – Jackson, MI

One note on your foamer….I got a little panicked at the last minute when I read on line that you need to be out of the house 24 hours after they foam. I was hoping that I did not have to get out! That company did an awesome job explaining how the process works and they did everything to ensure a safe environment.  they used an exhaust fan that drew the smell out and moved the fan along as they sprayed.  they also took great care with the black ceiling.  for a young team, they really know how to ensure consumers feel safe and satisfied.  i would recommend them to anyone.  I spent the day in my studio and when I came back to the house I could not smell a thing.  thought you should know in case others ask.  the 24 hour thing from the EPA is all about 4-6 inch thickness, this job got a 2-3 inch spray that expanded to fill the 2′ x 4′  the foam dried in about 20 minutes and there was no smell upstairs.