I owe a lot of the success of Weatherwise to my employees. My employees care just like I do. They want the homeowner or builder to feel comfortable and make sure the job is done right. I am truly blessed to have good employees.

We’ve worked hard to become experts in our field, and we’re proud of the experience we’ve gained along the way. We’re a dynamic team, combining the perfect mixture of theoretical knowledge and in-the-field, hands-on work experience.

Ryan McCormick – Owner

Ryan McCormick has been working in the Spray Foam industry for 10 years. He is experienced in applying open and closed cell foam, roof foam, building rigs, equipment diagnoses, and running a successful spray foam business to this day. He owns and manages Weatherwise Foam, a well-respected spray foam contractor in Michigan.

Clarence Lawrence

Clarence has been with Weatherwise for 2 years. He has over 12 years of insulating experience from new construction to existing homes. Clarence is our cellulose guy. His specialty is insulating cellulose attics and walls. When comes to cellulose he is who we turn to.

Phil Joyner

Phil has been with Weatherwise for 4 years. Phil came to Weatherwise with no experience and worked with Ryan for 2 years. Now Phil is a crew leader, in charge on the job site. He has become a great sprayer and understands the building and insulating process.